Cooking is a love story
You need to fall in love with the ingredients and then of people who cook them.

(Alain Ducasse)

The company

The history of our family dates back more than 70 years in this region, “Il Biellese,” known everywhere as the land of wool. In 1949, the “Jeantet” bakery and pastry shop was founded in Via Italia, the main street in Biella. Some years after, it was turned into a bar with a pastry shop and an ice-cream parlour and was moved to Piazza Vittorio Veneto 16, where it can still be found today. During the last 40 years, we have specialised in coffee roasting and in the production of the original Canestrej and Canestrelli Jeantet. The energy that represents the heart and soul of our company comes from our love for our customers– we always pay close attention to customer satisfaction by selecting high-quality products as well as reliable suppliers. In our canestrelli and canestrej you will find IGP-certified hazelnuts from Piedmont, chocolate, cocoa butter and true vanilla beans. We dare you to find better products!

History and Tradition

We have always given importance to traditions and local specialties. When researching on our land, “Il Biellese,” we found a manuscript which meticulously describes the appreciated pastry-making of our region, with specific reference to the quality of canestrelli, our strong point, which were appreciated and purchased all over the world.